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Safety On Forest Roads

One of the main features that makes the New Forest National Park so unique, are the numerous New Forest ponies that are free to wander at their leisure and have right of way over vehicles.

Many New Forest ponies, horses, donkeys and cows are killed or injured each year on the New Forest roads.

If you are coming as a visitor or tourist to the New Forest please be very careful.

Horses and ponies have no road sense and will either suddenly "spook" or just step out in front of a car. Cows are probably the worst as they just wander around in complete innocence - until often it is too late.

In addition to the natural features of the New Forest, it is an exceedinly popular place for bikers of all ages to enjoy the twists and turns of the open road. 

So please take an extra cautious look for bikers when exploring the National Park.

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